Grand Cru Coffee - Original Blend

Grand Cru Signature Blend

Description: “A smooth, versatile, medium bodied coffee. With cardamon and caramel on the nose, Grand Cru signature blend is loaded with bold caramel sweetness, notes of salted chocolate and a rich oak finish. Performs beautifully as both a black coffee and in milk where you find a sweet, malty cocoa with hints of sea-salt.”

Cupping Score: 88
Notes of: Salted Caramel, Light Toffee, Milk Chocolate
Bean Origins: Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Ethiopia, Kenya
Barista’s Recommended Recipe: 24 grams in, 28-32 second extraction, 40 grams out

Grand Cru Coffee - Brawn Douglas


Description: “Taking the best from South America and Africa, the Brawn-Douglas is a medium to dark roast, bursting with fruity flavours, with a hint of caramel. It is a smooth full-bodied blend with a clean after-taste.”

Cupping Score: 86
Bean Origins: Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Papua New Guinea
Notes Of: Nutty/Cocoa/Caramel/Berries
Roast: Medium/Dark

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